Ibiza Nightlife: Top Clubs, Bars & Nightspots

So hedonistic is the legendary Ibiza nightlife, I can’t help but want to coin the phrase, what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza. I am certain many a pleasure seeking holidaymaker has woken up penniless, shoe less and clueless, with the denizens of hell playing a symphony in their head and thought to themselves, please don’t let this get back to my family!Ibiza Nightlife

Whatever floats your boat during a holiday on this famous island, the Ibiza nightlife certainly doesn’t disappoint. From family friendly little bars where people while away the evening playing pool and darts or watching their favourite football team on the big screen, to the super clubs of Space, Pasha and Amnesia that leave your heart thumping and ears ringing for days, Ibiza nightlife has been charming holidaymakers for decades.

Ibiza Town Nightlife

Ibiza Town Nightlife

Ibiza Town is the hub of the nighttime action which tends to start heating up as the sun sets over the harbour. This brings out the the island’s more colourful eccentrics where you will see fire breathers, stilt walkers, buskers and hustlers strutting their stuff alongside the many scantily clad dancers and PR staff parading down the streets and promenades, enticing revellers into their venues. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, the party hard crowd start spilling back into the streets and head for their chosen club which usually depends on what DJ’s are playing what clubs, or whether there’s a theme night or foam party.

Marina Botafoch & Marina d’Eivissa

Marina Botafoch

The quieter harbour areas of Marina Botafoch and Marina d’Eivissa boast entertainment venues suited to the more discerning visitor. Such as Cipriani and the luxurious Lío where the spectacular shows and views over the harbour may just make you forget how quickly your wallet is emptying! If you’re a die hard party animal, and believe me the Ibiza nightlife attracts many, then you can continue raving through the day on one of the Ibiza boat parties.

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