Alcúdia in Majorca, Things to do, Top Attractions

Alcúdia is a beautiful tourist resort and town located on the northeastern coast of the island of Majorca. One of the top locations in the Balearic Islands, Alcúdia is famous for it’s Mediterranean beaches and rich Medieval history.
Alcúdia, Majorca
This is one of the most environmentally friendly places on the island of Majorca, conservation and protection of the environment are at the forefront of everything good about Alcúdia. Nature lovers are in for a treat with the varied landscapes that make up the 30 km coastline. Many of the top hotels, restaurants and other establishments carry the Environmental Quality Label for their dedication to conserving the natural beauty of this town.

Things to do in Alcúdia, Majorca

There are plenty of tourist attractions and things to do when visiting Alcúdia, most involve the history and culture of this ancient town. Below we provide more information about some of the places of interest and reasons to why this is one of the top holiday destinations in Majorca.

Alcúdia Old Town & Market

Alcúdia Old Town
Alcúdia old town (picture above) is one of the most picturesque places on the island. The old town is full of medieval constructions and old buildings that date back hundreds of years. The wall that surrounds most of the town was constructed back in the 14th century and appears to be perfectly preserved. Inside the towns walls there are shops and a famous market which is held twice a week. The market is one of the best places to visit to soak up the local culture, purchase some of the delicious local produce on offer or snap up a bargain from one of the many stalls. During your visit here you could also sample some of the local cuisine in one of the super restaurants. Many of the best local dishes are seafood based as you may expect from a coastal town.

Alcúdia Beaches & Coves

Alcúdia Beaches
the 30 km of coastline are made of 14 beaches and smaller coves, the beaches in Alcúdia especially are among the best in the Mediterranean. Many of the top beaches are found around Puerto de Alcúdia (port) and bay. Playa de Alcúdia is actually the longest beach in the Balearic Islands with a length of 7 km. Water sports and sailing are extremely popular with many companies offering boat trip excursions and sightseeing tours. The boat trips give you the opportunity to explore the coastline, coves and various caves. Many of the beaches and coves are lined with forests and popular walking trails which will lead you to some hidden paradises. Playa Alcanada and Playa Coll Baix (picture above) are a few more of the top beaches and cove areas to check out during your visit.

Weather in Alcúdia

Weather in Alcúdia
the weather in Alcúdia is generally best during the spring and summer months when the temperature is warmer. The holiday season tends to start in May as the temperature increases and lasts through until late September when the temperature begins to cool. June, July and August are the hotter months when the temperature will usually exceed 22 Celsius. The colder winter months are December, January and February when the average temperature during the day is 9 Celsius. The most rainfall arrives between the months of September – December with October being by far the rainiest month. The sea temperature tends to remain over 22 Celsius between June – October before falling sharply during the winter and spring months.

Alcúdia  Map

The map below can be clicked to show a full size Google map.
Alcúdia Map

Places of Interest

A few more places of interest that are well worth a visit.

Pollentia -Roman Remains

Pollentia, Alcudia
Pollentia are ancient Roman remains built by Qintus Caecilius Metellus in 123 BC. The remains open to the public include an ancient forum and theatre. Many of the artifacts that were excavated in 1923 can be seen in the Museu Monografic (Museum).

Alcúdia Beach

Alcúdia Beach
A fabulous white sand beach with clear shallow waters that is idea for swimmers of all ages. This is the biggest beach in Alcúdia town which stretches for 7 km of the beautiful Majorca coastline.

Alcúdia Hotels

Below we list some of the top hotels to enjoy a relaxing break during your visit.

Viva Sunrise

Viva Sunrise, Alcudia
The fantastic 4 star Viva Sunrise is just a few minutes away from the beaches and is the ideal place for relaxation and tranquility. Viva Sunrise is Equipped with multiple swimming pools, restaurants, bars, sports facilities and plenty of things to do for children. This hotel is located at Puerto de Alcudia and not far from everything great about this beautiful town.

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