Palma de Mallorca, Beaches, Attractions & Things to do

The beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Majorca and the Balearic Islands. Filled with history, culture and gorgeous architecture,  Palma de Mallorca is the location of over a third of the total population of the Balearic Islands.
Palma de Mallorca City
Commonly shortened to Palma, this amazing city boasts some of the most recogniseable attractions in all of Spain. Palma city is located in southern Majorca to the west of Palma airport. The southern areas of the city sit on the Badia de (bay of) Mallorca which is where you will find many of the top tourist resorts on the island.

Top Attractions & Things to do in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the cultural heartbeat of the island with a great selection of attractions and things to do to suit all types of traveler. Here you will find cathedrals, castles and ruins that date back hundreds of years. The Romans originally settled here before the birth of Christ but much of the architecture is either much later or constructed during the Muslim occupation. Palma and the island of Majorca remained under Muslim rule for over 300 years, the Conquest of Majorca led by King James I of Aragon saw the island reclaimed by the Christians in 1229. Below are a few of our favourite attractions in this magnificent city.

Palma Cathedral – La Seu

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral
Palma Cathedral of Santa Maria (Saint Maria) or commonly abbreviated to La Seu (The Headquarters) is a Roman Catholic Gothic style cathedral in Palma. Construction began in 1229 on the site of an old Moorish Mosque after the city was reclaimed from the Muslims. A Gothic architectural masterpiece with a length of 121 metres and width of 55 metres, Palma Cathedral was not completed until 1601. A noticeable influence from famous architect Antoni Gaudí can be seen throughout the cathedral. Gaudi worked on the restoration of La Seu in the early 1900’s, consequently, many of his ideas have been incorporated. La Seu is normally open all year with ticket prices of between 3.50 € – 6 €.

Bellver Castle (Castell de Bellver)

Bellver Castle, Palma de Mallorca
Bellver Castle is a Gothic style castle constructed in 1311. Sitting high up on a hill to the west of Palma city, Bellver Castle is distinctive because of it’s circular shape. This unique castle has a height of 112 metres and is considered to be one of the top places of cultural interest on the island of Majorca. The castle was originally the home of King James I who was also responsible for it’s construction. A fortified building with unique circular towers, a bridge and a moat are among the defensive features of this ancient castle. Tickets are normally priced at 4 € for adult tourists with some discounts on offer for youngsters, pensioners and groups. The normal opening times are 10am – 6pm for much of the year, please note that the castle does not open on Mondays. For latest ticket prices and timetables please visit the official website.

Palma de Mallorca Beaches

Playa de Palma Beach
Palma de Mallorca has some excellent golden sand beaches to choose from with many holding Blue Flag Certification. The closest beach to the Palma city is Ca’n Pere Antoni which has a length of 750 metres. As you may expect with the close proximity to the city, Ca’n Pere Antoni gets much busier than some of the other beaches in Palma de Mallorca. Working our way east we come to Portixol Beach, much smaller at 100 metres in length and located on the outskirts of the city. Ciudad Jardin Beach is further east, a beautiful beach with golden sand and a length of 450 metres. The promenade and cycle lane run adjacent to this excellent beach. Further east still is the massive Playa de Palma beach (picture above) which has a length of over 4 kilometres of golden sand. Playa de Palma is actually one of the busier resorts along this stretch of coastline. Located to the west beyond the marina are the beaches of Cala Major and Illetas, both beaches are around 200 metres in length.

Palma de Mallorca Map

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Palma de Mallorca map

Port de Mallorca Marina

Port de Mallorca Marina
Port de Mallorca marina is possibly the best marina on the island with moorings for boats of 12 – 50 metres in length. The marina offers quite a few additional services which include clamping and 24 hour surveillance. This modern Palma marina was built to be comfortable with many excellent facilities available

Palma Airport

Palma Airport
Palma Airport is located just 8 km east of the city centre. Incredibly, this airport frequently services over 20 million passengers per year. Palma Airport is equipped with a many shops, restaurants and internet access. There are many additional services for VIP’s and those with special needs. Here you will also find excellent transport facilities which include coaches, buses and taxi services.

Playa de Palma Resort

Playa de Palma Resort
Playa de Palma is one of the top resorts in Palma which is located 10 km to the east of the city. The fabulous golden beach is is 4.5 km in length with excellent hotels lining the coastline. Hiring a car may be a good idea if you want to visit the city and explore the island. The buses tend to be less frequent outside of the city centre.

Iberostar Hotel

Iberostar Hotel
Iberostar is a luxury 5 star beachfront hotel with all the trimmings for an unforgettable holiday. This amazing hotel serves only the best international and local Majorcan cuisine with plenty of mouthwatering seafood dishes on the menu. For total relaxation head to the luxury spa for a massage or to the fully equipped gymnasium for a workout.

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