Costa Teguise Holiday Resort in Lanzarote

The Costa Teguise is a popular tourist resort located on the eastern coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.
Playa Blanca Beach

Costa Teguise Beaches, Resort & Weather Guide

Built specifically to attract tourism like most of the Canary Islands, Costa Teguise is now one of the leading resorts in Lanzarote. The focal point of the resort itself is the 4 beautiful beaches, most of the tourism here is built around these. Hotels, apartments and other types of accommodation have been built to cater for the growing number of visitors to this pretty resort off the coast of Western Africa.

Things to do in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise has plenty on offer for everyone, this area has an excellent water park, good nightlife and of course, 4 excellent beaches. Below we have listed some of the top things to do in Costa Teguise during your visit.

Costa Teguise Nightlife – Plaza Pueblo Marinero

pueblo marinero costa teguise
The picturesque square and lively nightspot of Pueblo Marinero is a must visit for a great evening out. Pueblo Marinero has many excellent restaurants catering for all tastes and cultures from local fish dishes, Italian and various meat dishes from around the world. There is normally live entertainment on offer in the evenings here as you prepare to hit one of the many bars. Perhaps the most unique thing about Pueblo Marinero is the night market which opens on Wednesday’s and Friday’s normally depending on the time of year. The market specialises in all types of arts and crafts, not the typical junk you may expect to find at some markets. Most of the Brits tend to head here in the evening so if you are hoping to escape them on your holiday it’s probably best to head elsewhere. Avenida de Jabillo and Avenida Islas Canarias are two of the other areas with vibrant nightlife in Costa Teguise.

Costa Teguise Beaches

Costa Teguise Beaches
The beautiful Costa Teguise beaches are the main attraction of this resort that are popular with bathers and windsurfers alike. This is possibly the leading resort for windsurfing, diving and other water activities. The 4 beaches here are Playa de los Charcos, Playa de las Cucharas, Playa del Jablillo and Playa Bastián. Each beach found on this resort are natural so no imported sand here. Our personal favourite is Playa de las Cucharas (Spoons Beach) which you can read more about in our best beaches in Lanzarote article. The Costa Teguise beaches are not big typically compared to other resorts but they do tend to get busy. Rental services of parasols and sunbeds are normally in good supply.

Costa Teguise Aquapark

Costa Teguise Aquapark
The Aquapark in Costa Teguise is the biggest theme park on the island of Lanzarote and a fantastic day out for the whole family. This super water park boasts around 20 thrilling water rides and attractions ranging from adrenaline-fueled to total relaxation. Some of the top attractions here include Kamikaze, Rapids, Spiral and Slides. Aquapark also houses many shops, cafeterias and restaurants for a complete fun day out. You can check out the latest ticket prices by visiting the Aquapark Website, the standard price is 22.50 € for Adults and 16 € for Children.

Weather In Costa Teguise

Weather In Costa Teguise
The weather in Costa Teguise is among the best to be had in the Canary Islands with warm summers and mild winters. The close proximity of the Western Sahara assists in keeping the eastern coastline of Lanzarote warm most of the year. Warm air is blown from the desert which can reduce the visibility greatly at times. The average yearly temperature is around 20 Celsius with the temperature never really dropping much below 17 Celsius. The hotter summer months have an average temperature of 23 Celsius but this can rocket up to close to 40 Celsius during July and August. Most of the yearly rainfall tends to arrive between November – February with a good percentage arriving in the rainiest month of December. The average Sea temperature is between 18-22 Celsius with February and March when the Sea reaches it’s coldest.

Activities & Attractions

Below we list some of the top attractions and activities to keep you busy during your visit to Costa Teguise.

Fundacion Cesar Marique

Fundacion Cesar Manrique
The Artist and Architect Cesar Marique was born in Arrecife in Lanzarote, his incredible talent can be be seen by visiting the Fundacion Cesar Marique. This unique house has walls carved from the surrounding volcanic rock and beautiful landscaped gardens that are totally unique to anything you are ever likely to see.

Scuba Diving

daivoon diving
With perfect year long temperatures of between 18-25 Celsius Lanzarote is perfect for diving. There are many operators that offer diving and other water activities but Daivoon have been operating since 2008 and have a great reputation for their diving services.

Map of Costa Teguise

The map below gives a rough indication of the area but will take you to the full size Google map once clicked.
costa teguise map

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