Best Hotels in Tenerife To Suit All Budgets

With over 5 million visitors each year, it’s probably no suprise that there are several thousand hotels in Tenerife to accommodate tourism on this scale. Tenerife is the only Canary Island that has 2 airports in order to cater for the demand to this relatively small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean.
best Hotels in Tenerife

Hotels in Tenerife

As you may expect, there are hotels in Tenerife that cater for all budgets whether it’s all inclusive or a luxury 5 Star hotel. There are many fantastic resorts dotted all round the island and each has it’s share of pricey and budget hotels. In this article we are going to provide information about some of the best hotels found in Tenerife along with some great value options for your all inclusive holiday.

All Inclusive Hotels in Tenerife

If you are on a tight budget or perhaps do not want to go overboard on your holiday then there are plenty of all inclusive hotels in Tenerife to choose from. Many of the all inclusive hotels will carry a 3 Star rating but there are some that are far better than their rating suggests. In our experience, you tend to get what you pay for so if you will probably get better if you part with a little more of your hard-earned cash.

Las Pyramides in Playa de las Américas – 3 Star
Las Pyramides Hotel, Tenerife
Las Piramides Resort is located in Playa de las Américas on the southwestern coastline of Tenerife. Having stayed in this hotel in March 2016 we have written a full review of Las Piramides Resort which provides extensive information about our experience during our stay.

Playa Olid Apartments in Costa Adeje – 3 Star Rating

Playa Olid Apartments
Playa Olid Apartments is located in the super Costa Adeje area, just north of Playa de las Américas. Playa Olid Apartments has recently undergone a major refurbishment and the studio apartments in particular are beautiful with a tasteful modern design.


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Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque

The Beautiful Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort is a traditional Canarian themed resort located in the popular Costa Adeje in southwestern Tenerife.
bahia del duque, tenerife

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