Costa Almería & Almería City Travel Guide

Costa Almería is one of the most unspoilt coastal areas of mainland Spain where visitors can quite often enjoy an entire beach all to themselves.
Costa AlmeriaStretching for just over 200 kilometres from Pulpí which also marks the border between the regions of Murcia and Andalusia, to Adra near the border of Granada Province.

Home to a number of different civilisations, and bearing witness to many a border conflict which is evident in the large number of castles and fortresses along the coast. The Moors (Arabs) built the capital city of Almería in the 10th century and remained the dominant nation in the Costa Almería for nearly 800 years.

Almería City

Almeria City
Built around its important shipping and ferry port, Almería is a city made for exploring with a large number of delightful plazas, monuments and historical buildings. Evidence of its past Arab influence can be seen in the imposing Moorish castle of Alcazaba, an extremely popular tourist attraction that is the largest castle in Costa Almería and one of the largest in the autonomous community of Andalisia, second only in size to the Alhambra Castle in Granada.

Predominantly a Spanish commercial city, Almería still has much to offer tourists with a good selection of shops, boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants around its central area, where there are also many historical landmarks, monuments and museums among the squares and plazas. Facing one end of the port is the picturesque Paseo de Coches that runs parallel to Nicolás Salmerón Park where visitors can enjoy respite from the midday sun under the trees and palms. At the other end of the port is the city’s beach that boasts good facilities, a number of lively beach bars (Chiringuitos) and the municipal Auditorium; but it’s the wild and beautiful coves and bays of Cabo de Gato Natural Park that most visitors come to see.

Costa Almería Map

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