Aitana Safari Park

Situated near the town of Penaguila, about 50 kilometres inland from Benidorm is the fantastic Aitana Safari Park in Alicante, offering visitors an authentic Safari experience.
Aitana Safari Park, Alicante

Aitana Safari Park in Alicante, Spain

Ranking highly on most peoples wish list is an African Safari. Unfortunately in this day and age the main countries offering Safari’s in Africa can charge extortionate prices unlike. the super Aitana Safari Park. The region of Alicante is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, with fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, mouth watering cuisine and vibrant cities like Benidorm and Torrevieja. Much of the Province of Alicante is very similar to Southern Africa in climate and terrain and is therefore an ideal location to accommodate large wild animals.

Let’s Go On Safari In Alicante

Built in 1973 by dedicated conservationists Juan Sevila and Maria Van Soldt, Aitana Safari Park Alicante has grown from strength to strength and is now a huge 1,500,000m2 in size and home to animals from all over the world. The park allows visitors the choice of a guided group tour with one of the keepers during feeding time or the chance to visit at your own leisure in your own vehicle. The park also offers private tours, VIP tours and the exciting opportunity of being a keeper for a day.

Animals Of The World

Africa observe the majestic beasts of the African continent including lion, elephant, hippo, buffalo, monkeys, giraffe, zebra, ostrich and a variety of other wildlife.

Asia the animal to look out for in this area of the park is the beautiful yet fearsome tiger. Other wildlife to be found are the elusive black buck, Indian peafowl and pug faced Vietnamese pig.

America with wildlife from both South and North America including king of the jungle the Jaguar, buffalo, Mackenzie wolf, milk snake, llama and it’s close relative the guanaco.

Europe play a game of hide & seek looking for the cute red squirrels or maybe a head butting contest with a bighorn sheep, and not to be missed is the elegant lynx boreal.

Aitana Safari Park Opening Times & Prices

Aitana Safari Park Alicante also has an on site restaurant serving a range of meals, snacks and drinks. The park is open daily from 11.00am to 07.00pm and the price for a single adult is 20€, child under 10 years is 16€. Price for a group ( minimum 25 tickets ) is 14€ ( adults ) 10€ ( children under 10 years ) For further information on Aitana Safari Park Alicante call : 0034 659 520 409 / 0034 965 529 273 or visit the Safari Park website.

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