Tapas Tour in Alicante

Spain is well known for many things, fantastic weather, sandy beaches, fiestas and it’s tasty regional cuisine. A great way to experience a large range of fantastic Spanish cuisine dishes is to take a tapas tour in Alicante City. Tapas are small snack size dishes of various meats, seafood and vegetables. Tapas are a way of life in Spain and are traditionally served free in many bars when ordering a drink.

Tapas Tours in Alicante

Tapas Tour In Alicante City

Unfortunately with the ever increasing influx of tourists to the popular holiday destinations of Spain, the tradition of a free tapas with your drink is becoming rare with many bars now charging for their tapas. Although in the more rural and predominantly Spanish towns the tradition still continues.

For those without the time or transport to explore the towns and villages, taking a tapas tour is an ideal way to sample some of these delightful treats.

About The Tour

Mandarinablue offer a range of different tours including their tapas tour in Alicante. The tours are for a minimum group of 10 people with a choice of lunch or dinner times available. The price of the tour is 24€, includes 3 tapas and 3 drinks and the duration is from 3 to 4 hours so sensible clothing and shoes are advisable.

You will be met by your tour guide at a designated pick up point and explore some of the different streets of Alicante, a variety of local shops, interesting places to visit and 3 tapas bars that are very popular with the locals. In each bar you will enjoy a tapas and drink and your guide will explain how the dishes are prepared, the different ingredients and how to order when you venture out for a tapas by yourself.

For further information on this and other tours available call : 0034 685 288 293.:

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