Nightlife in Benidorm, Top Bars & Clubs

The Nightlife in Benidorm and the vibrant party atmosphere are possibly the main reasons for a good percentage of all visitors to this popular holiday resort.

Nightlife in Benidorm, Best Bars & Clubs

By day, Benidorm boasts some of the top attractions and things to do in the country, but it’s at night when this place really comes alive. During our several previous visits to Benidorm, we have been fortunate enough to experience some of the best nightlife on offer. Below we list some of our favourite entertainment, bars and clubs in Benidorm to keep you partying well into the night.

Top Bars & Clubs In Benidorm

Benidorm is full of great clubs and nightspots but most of the main action is located on Av de la Comunidad Valenciana. This busy strip houses pretty much all of the biggest clubs in the city. If you are staying in one of the many hotels in Benidorm that are not closely located to the clubs, a taxi will get you there for around 10 € from most places. There are plenty of free bars and clubs around but entry into some of the top clubs is likely to cost between 10-20 €. Most places that charge for entry will normally offer at least one free drink or merchandise such t-shirt or cap. It’s important to bear in mind that some of the top clubs are only open for the summer season, below are a few clubs to look out for.

Daytona Rock Bar is located on the Levante beach promenade and definitely one of the better places to check out at night or day. Daytona Rockbar is an American themed bar with rock music, race cars and motorbikes but don’t let that put you off. We have visited this bar on several occasions and can’t recommend it highly enough. Like most of Benidorm, the drinks are quite reasonably price with live music and good entertainment for everyone. The staff here are considerably friendlier and more professional that most places you will visit in Benidorm. If you want to take a look around the bar the virtual tour is worth checking out, it even shows the beautiful Levante beach and the Mediterranean Sea which is just a few metres away.

daytona-rock-bar-benidormKU Discoteca in Benidorm is a firm favourite with revelers that enjoy hardcore, techno and dance music. KU attracts the very best of the local and international DJ’s through it’s doors. KU normally has it’s opening party in late June and it’s closing party in early September. This excellent venue has several rooms inside to dance the night away from midnight until 8am. Outside there is a beautiful open air terrace with swimming pools and more great music. Ticket prices here are normally priced at 15 €. The KU Website only appears to be in Spanish but there is plenty of information if you can get your head round that.

ku-discoteca-benidormHippodrome Disco is a lively bar/club that is located away from the strip on Avenida de Mallorca. Hippodrome opens it’s doors 8pm and stays open all night until 8am in the morning. This place is well known for having good DJ’s with great music and plenty of girls dancing with little clothing on the tables and terrace. Hippodrome is also well know for screening lots of sports such as the football and late night boxing. If you want to know more, the Hippodrome Facebook Page contains plenty of information and photos.

Morgan’s Bar or Neptunes depending if you are a fan of the popular Benidorm TV Series. Neptunes is the on-screen name of the bar which frequently appears in the show, Morgan’s Tavern is the common name it uses away from the silver screen. We have included Morgan’s here specifically for it’s link to the TV show as a place worth checking out.

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