Weather in La Zenia, Temperature & Averages

The weather in La Zenia and it’s close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea has made this popular beach resort one of the top locations on the Costa Blanca. With around 320 days of sunshine on average per year and one of the healthiest micro-climates in Europe, it’s no surpise that La Zenia continues to attract plenty of tourism.

Weather in La Zenia

Weather in La Zenia, Spain

Situated on the beautiful Orihuela Costa on the south eastern coastline of Spain, the popularity of La Zenia has increased significantly since the opening of the super Zenia Boulevard. The Introduction of Zenia Boulevard, the golden sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the fantastic weather in La Zenia are just a few reasons to pay this location a visit. The healthy micro-climate enjoyed here can largely be attributed to the nearby salt lakes in the City of Torrevieja, located 10 minutes to the north and the Alicante mountain range. Much of the Province of Alicante is shielded from the bad weather fronts by the Alicante mountain range, these mountains act as a protective cove maintaining the micro-climate and keeping the warmer humid air inside the area.

Summer Weather in La Zenia, Averages & Temperatures

As one might expect, the summer weather in La Zenia is extremely hot with average temperatures often exceeding 30 Celsius. This is especially true in the summer months of June, July and August when temperatures will be in the mid to late thirties with plenty of days in excess of 40 Celsius. The tourist season tends to begin in May and lasts until the end of September, the weather in La Zenia is particularly good during these months. Below you can see a monthly breakdown of what sort of temperatures and averages to expect during the summer months.
May – May is the start of the tourist season when temperatures are gradually increasing. There is still some rain around at the beginning of the month but the temperatures will be between to 20- 25 Celsius towards the end of the month. Although May is not officially a summer month, you will probably still experience a few days of weather as high as 30 Celsius.
June – The weather in La Zenia is June is particularly good as we enter the summer months and the tourist high season. June is possibly the best month for those not accustomed to extremely hot temperatures on a regular basis. There is still a few days of rain in June but very little. Although the average temperatures are between 25 – 30 Celsius, it’s common to have at least a few days in the late thirties and perhaps as high as 40 Celsius.
July – The middle of July is the height of summer when temperatures are extremely hot virtually every day. There is hardly any rainfall in July and average temperatures will be between 28 – 32 Celsius. Despite the average temperatures, more often than not the temperature will be in the mid to late thirties. July is the second hottest month in La Zenia, you can expect several days at least to be hovering around or exceeding 40 Celsius.
August – August is the hottest month in La Zenia like most of the Costa Blanca. The average temperature in August will frequently be somewhere between 30 – 35 Celsius although many days will be late thirties and as high as 40 Celsius. There is virtually no rainfall in August and the evenings can also be as high as 30 Celsius. Getting a nights sleep in July and August will be particularly difficult without a fan or some type of air conditioning. The summer is coming to an end but the hot weather will last for a few more months at least.
September – Autumn is beginning as we enter September but the temperature will frequently exceed 30 Celsius. The start of September is similar to August with extremely hot temperatures that can be as high as 40 Celsius. The temperature will be gradually decreasing as we approach the end of the month and there will be at least a few days of rainfall.

Winter Weather In La Zenia

The winter weather in La Zenia like much of the Costa Blanca is fairly mild, temperatures never really drop below around 10 Celsius during the day. The colder winter months are normally December, January and February and there is significantly more rainfall during these months. Temperatures tend to increase around spring time in preparation for the hotter summer months. Below is a little information about the colder winter months in La Zenia.

October – The weather in October can be a little unpredictable but the temperatures will still be quite pleasant and between 20 – 25 Celsius. It’s still common to see temperatures as high as 30 Celsius on several days during the month but there will be significantly more rainfall. The precipitation levels in October are by far the highest of any month during there year, this is because of the weather phenomenon know as a “Gota Fria” or “Cold Drop”. A Gota Fria only really occurs on the eastern coast of Spain when the colder air from the Atlantic in the west and the Pyrenees in the north meets the warmer air on the east coast. The result of this can be devastating although it’s worth pointing out that this does not happen every year. A typical gota fria will bring high winds of up to 150 km per hour, heavy rain and large hail stones.
November – By November the temperatures are decreasing dramatically and the night will become much colder. By design, the houses in La Zenia are designed to be cool, with this in mind it’s definitely worth considering some form of heating such as a gas fire. The average temperature during the day will still be around 20 Celsius but there be plenty more days of rain.
December – Winter is officially underway in December and the temperature will again fall significantly. The average temperature during the day will be somewhere between 13 – 18 Celsius for most of the days. December sees the second highest rainfall in the year and the night time temperature will drop to around 8 Celsius.
January – January is the coldest month of the year in La Zenia and typically has more days of rain than any other month. The average temperature will normally be around 11 Celsius but it will seem much colder if you live in Spain all year round. The evenings will be particularly cold and will frequently be between 5 – 8 Celsius.
February – February is officially the start of spring but the temperature will still seem rather chilly. There is less rainfall than January but still plenty of days of rain. The day temperature will be around 12 Celsius but the evenings will still be quite cold and around 8 Celsius.
March – March sees the temperature increasing slightly as we enter the middle of spring. The average temperature during the day will be around 14 – 16 Celsius and a little warmer in the evenings. There is still quite a bit of rain around in March but not as much as the previous two months.
April – The weather in La Zenia is improving significantly as we enter April with average temperatures of between 16 – 20 Celsius. April does not have as many days of rain as March, but the precipitation levels are much higher. The evening temperatures will also be increasing to around 10 – 12 Celsius so you will probably not be needing any form of heating as we approach the summer months.

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