Orihuela Costa Resort, Beaches & Top Suburbs

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The Orihuela Costa has some of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca. Our beaches extend to the neighbouring city of Torrevieja where you will find more beautiful beaches.

Beaches of Orihuela Costa & Torrevieja

Playa Flamenca Beach

The Beaches of Playa Flamenca

Playa Flamenca Beach, Orihuela Costa With an average of 300 days sunshine a year, Playa Flamenca...
Beaches of Torrevieja

The Beaches of Torrevieja, The Top 5 Playas

The gorgeous sandy beaches of Torrevieja are a series of beaches that line the coastal areas of the popular tourist city of Torrevieja
Cabo Roig Beaches

The Beautiful Beaches of Cabo Roig

Beaches of Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca The Cabo Roig beaches are situated in the Orihuela Costa...
La Zenia beaches

La Zenia Beaches & Coastal Path

La Zenia beaches are located on the beautiful Costa Blanca of Spain. These beaches, like...
Campoamor Beach, Costa Blanca

The Beautiful Sandy Beaches of Campoamor

Campoamor Beach, Orihuela Costa Campoamor beach is situated in the region of Orihuela Costa and is...

Below are some of the bars, restaurants and local businesses located on the Orihuela Costa.

Bars, Restaurants & Businesses

Lime Bar, Via Park 3

Lime Bar & Bar Next Door

The Lime Bar at Via Park 3 is undoubtedly one of the best bars on...

Captain Morgans Bar

Captain Morgans Bar Eagles Nest, Villamartin “Great Food – Great Entertainment – Great Atmosphere Always !!!” Bar owners...
The Randy Leprechaun

The Randy Leprechaun

The Randy Leprechaun La Zenia There are many great bars and restaurants in La Zenia and...
Chillies International Cuisine

Chillies International Cuisine

Chillies International Cuisine La Fuente Relax and enjoy a great evening at "Chillies" with our friendly,...
Torrevieja Web Design

Web Design Services in Torrevieja

Torrevieja And Costa Blanca Web Design Costas Online now provide a whole range of Torrevieja and...
Costa Blanca Sign Makers

Costa Blanca Sign Makers

Based on the Orihuela Costa, Coastal For Signs are a family run sign making business...
La Zenia Bathrooms

La Zenia Bathrooms

La Zenia Bathrooms, Orihuela Costa With over 15 years experience both here in Spain and in...

We have two articles prepared that provides detailed information and timetables for the local area and the Orihuela Costa to Alicante Airport timetable.

The Orihuela Costa is a popular coastal region of the Costa Blanca and part of the province of Alicante. Formed of many seaside resorts and suburbs, the Orihuela Costa is one of the leading tourism destinations on the eastern coast of Spain.
Orihuela Costa

The Beaches of Orihuela Costa

The main attraction of the Orihuela Costa is without doubt the 15 kilometres of sandy beaches which are regularly awarded Blue Flag Certification. The close proximity of the Mediterranean Sea is another big selling point which keeps the tourists flocking back each year. The northernmost point of the Orihuela Costa is Punta Prima which borders the popular city of Torrevieja. The southernmost point is Mil Palmeras.

Population of Orihuela Costa & Orihuela Municipality

While it’s difficult to know exactly how many people call the Orihuela Costa their home all year round, currently it’s believed to be somewhere between 30,000 – 40,000 inhabitants. Many currently living here have not completed the necessary paperwork to be taken into account so the figures are sketchy at best. Orihuela Costa belongs to the municipality of Orihuela which covers an area of 365 km2  and stretches from the Sierra de Orihuela mountain range inland to the Mediterranean coastal areas. The combined population of the areas that form the municipality of Orihuela is around 90,000 inhabitants, this probably swells to well over 150,000 during the summer months due to those that own holiday homes and second properties here.

Top Resorts on the Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa Resorts
Most of the best resorts on the Orihuela Costa are located close to the sea but there are several that are slightly more inland that still attract their share of tourism. Wherever you find yourself in this popular location, you will never be much more than around a 10 minute drive to the coastal areas. Below we give an insight into some of the best known resorts and suburbs to check out with some places of interests also.

Dehesa de Campoamor

campoamor golf course
Located in the south of the Orihuela Costa and just north of Mil Palmeras, Dehesa de Campoamor has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Campoamor has several popular sandy beaches to choose from and a par 72 golf course (pictured above). La Fuente Commercial Centre is where much of the nightlife happens in Campoamor. La Fuente houses many bars, restaurants and a few places to enjoy late night music and dancing.

Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig Strip
Cabo Roig is another popular area which is located north of Campoamor and south of La Zenia. Like all of the coastal areas, Cabo Roig has several beaches which includes Cala Capitan and Cala Caleta. The nightlife in Cabo Roig is particularly good during the summer months with an abundance of bars and restaurants along Cabo Roig strip (pictured above). There is large Irish presence here and the Irish put on a super show for St Patricks day each year as the area is transformed to green.

La Zenia

La Zenia Hotel
Further north of Cabo Roig and to the south of Playa Flamenca we arrive at the busy area of La Zenia. Two popular sandy beaches are located either side of the Servigroup Hotel (pictured) which dominates the skyline here. La Zenia is a vibrant area all year round with lot’s of bars, restaurants and several shopping centres. La Zenia is the home of the super Zenia Boulevard which houses over 150 shops, bars, restaurants and provides parking for around 5000 cars.

Playa Flamenca

playa flamenca promenade
North of La Zenia is Playa Flamenca which is one of the most populated areas on the Orihuela Costa. There is a good beach here with a beautiful promenade (pictured) and several smaller coves. Playa Flamenca has more commercial centres than anywhere on the Orihuela Costa, some of the best known are Flamenca Beach CC, La Mosca and the Citrus Centre. Some of the notable bars in the area includes Legends, Celtic Isle, and Rocky’s. There is a super market every Saturday which attracts people from all of the surrounding suburbs and further afield.

Punta Prima

punta prima
Punta Prima is another busy area located just south of Torrevieja. There is fairly narrow sandy beach here that is popular during summer and several rocky areas, coves and chiringuitos (Beach Bars). The restaurants here are particularly good on the strip, as are the bars and cafes that always seem to be busy. Opposite the strip is the Punta Marina Commercial Centre which houses a drive-thru mcdonalds Mcdonalds and many more shops, bars and restaurants.

Lime Bar

Lime Bar, Via Park 3

Lime Bar & Bar Next Door

The Lime Bar at Via Park 3 is undoubtedly one of the best bars on the Orihuela Costa, if not the Costa Blanca, very...

Property for Sale

Real Estate Experts in Costa Blanca

Real Estate Experts in Orihuela Costa

With so many choices out there when searching for that ideal property it can sometimes be difficult to find a professional real estate agent...

Los Altos

Los Altos is the location for the Via Park III Commercial Centre which houses more bars and restaurants. The Lime Bar and the Bar Next Door (Featured Article Above) are located on the upper level with an Indian and a Chinese Restaurant. The lower level houses several other bars and places to grab some food along with Doolans which normally has excellent entertainment on offer.


The Hub ,Villamartin Plaza
Villamartin is a popular area located inland to the west of the seaside resorts, a few kilometres from La Zenia. The main attractions here are Villamartin golf course and the Villamartin Plaza. Golf is particularly popular here and ensures that the plaza remains reasonably busy during some of the off season periods. The golf course here shot to popularity after hosting the Mediterranean open back on 1994. The plaza itself is always immaculately kept and houses a good selection of bars, restaurants, shops and various businesses. A few of the places worth checking out here includes The Winchester, Che & Fairways. The Hub (pictured above) is probably the best option for sports on the plaza and normally plays great music until quite late.

La Florida

abbey tavern
La Florida has always been a popular area for tourists and locals as there is abundance of excellent bars and restaurants here. La Torre Bar (Tower Bar) has been around for some 30 years and still represents excellent value for money. The Abbey Tavern (pictured above) is not quite as old as La Torre but the family have done an excellent job on this place and it’s usually packed during the summer months. There are too many great places to mention here but the Emerald Isle and the Local are a few more that are worth checking out.

Orihuela Costa Map

The image below is a rough indication of the main resorts on the Orihuela Costa.
orihuela costa map

Locations & Activities