Tapas Bars & Restaurants in Torrevieja

The large town of Torrevieja is located in the province of Alicante on the beautiful Costa Blanca. Although predominantly populated by Spanish residents, Torrevieja has a lovely cosmopolitan feel to it, especially during the summer months when thousands of holidaymakers flock to the area to enjoy it’s great selection of beaches, promenades, parks, lakes, museums and sports facilities.

Restaurants in Torrevieja

Popular Restaurants In Torrevieja

The town has hundreds of businesses, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and several popular markets to choose from. A lot of the restaurants on the seafront tend to cater to the holiday trade and this will often be reflected in the prices. With Torrevieja being home to a large, permanent Spanish community, there are still many restaurants, usually a block or two up from the seafront, that offer all types of delicious Spanish cuisine at extremely reasonable prices.

Tapas Bars In Torrevieja

Throughout Torrevieja there are quaint Spanish bars, with a couple of tables & chairs on the pavement, where customers are served a free tapas with their drink order. Sadly this is a dying tradition in many of the Spanish tourist areas. Another excellent way to experience a variety of tapas is to visit a tapas restaurant such as the award winning Restaurante Los Zamoranos, where diners can either choose a selection of delicious tapas, menu del dia’s or main dishes including mouthwatering fresh seafood, all at great prices.

Located near the Marina, just off Paseo de la Libertad Rd. A good idea to work up an appetite and take in the sights of Torrevieja is to explore the small streets off Calle Ramon Gallud, one of the main roads through the centre of the town where there are some real gastranomic gems to be found. On Ramon Gallud itself is Euro Mania, a chain of restaurants that serve a large variety of fresh tapas for a euro or less. There are also a variety of set dishes such as 2 tostadas & coffee for 1,80€.

A visit to Torrevieja wouldn’t be complete without trying the extremely popular La Mar Sala. Not actually a restaurant, La Mar Sala offer a great range of home cooked delicacies and dishes to take away with the emphasis being seafood. Their paellas are out of this world. Located close to the Marina in the central indoor market which is on Calle Joaquin Chapaprieta.