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Águilas on the Costa Calida

Águilas is a coastal seaport and municipality located in the southernmost point of the Costa Calida, some 105 km from the Provincial capital of Murcia. Águilas is a popular tourist destination that has a rich history dating back to the Roman times of around the 1st to the 4th century and perhaps before the birth of Christ. The Murcian region of Águilas has a land mass of just over 250 km and 28 km of Mediterranean coastline, here you can find many beautiful coves and fine sandy beaches (listed below).

History of Águilas

Águilas as it appears today was designed by King Charles III of Spain in the 18th century, later becoming one of the principle ports in the Mediterranean along with Cartagena. The seaport of Águilas has been the subject of large exportation of Esparto, minerals and precious metals over the centuries. Esparto is a type of grass common to Spain and Northern Africa which is used to make rope and basketry among other things. Some of the precious metals to be imported and exported includes silver, lead and iron that was used to construct the railway line and the pier of Hornillo. This beautiful town on the South East coast of Spain is heavily dependant on tourism but appears to be thriving and gaining in popularity.

Popular Attractions

El Castillo San Juan de las Alguilas
El Castillo San Juan de las Alguilas (St John of Águilas Castle) is bar far the most popular attraction in Águilas, the Castle is like a fortress that keeps a watchful eye over the town, this was in fact it’s intended purpose for many centuries during the numerous wars with the Moors. La Isla del Fraile is a great place if you enjoy bird watching and dolphin spotting.

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