La Manga del Mar Menor, Spain

La Manga del Mar Menor or “Sleeve of the minor Sea” in the English language is a small strip of land that separates the Mar Menor lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea.
La Manga del Mar Menor, Costa Calida

La Manga del Mar Menor, Costa Calida

This land is commonly referred to as La Manga Strip which has a length of 22 km and varying width of between 100 – 1200 metres. The Mar Menor lagoon was originally a bay allowing easy access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the course of time, the volcanic reefs at the North and South points of the Mar Menor gradually held back the sand, rocks and sea vegetation being dragged along by the Sea currents, this eventually formed La Manga strip as it appears today.

One noticeable things when entering the Mar Menor is it’s distinct lack of waves and the calm water, this is because La Manga strip is keeping the waves from the Mediterranean Sea out.

Another interesting thing you will notice is that the water temperature is usually much warmer than the Sea and never drops much below 15 C. It’s worth pointing out that the Mar Menor also contains several small Islands which includes, Isla Perdiguera, Isla del Baron and Isla del Ciervo, these are clearly visible when taking a dip.

Climate and Weather in La Manga

La Manga del Mar Menor experiences average yearly temperatures of 19.3 C and around 325 days of sunshine each year. In the Summer months of June, July and August there is very little rainfall, the average temperatures are between 25-35 C.

In the Winter months the temperature drops significantly but is rarely lower than around 6 C, the average is around 15 C which is quite mild in comparison to other locations.

As mentioned before there is very little precipitation all year round, normally the average monthly rainfall will arrive in a few days leaving the rest of the month nice and sunny.

Beaches of La Manga del Mar Menor

As you may expect for most tourist destinations in this part of Spain, there are an abundance of fantastic sandy beaches on offer at La Manga.

Some of the beaches include the beaches of Arenal, Pedruchillo, Alemanes, El Vivero, Ensenada del Esparto, Estacio, Lebeche, Matasgordas, Pedrucho and Puerto Bello beaches.

There is a good selection of water sports and activities on offer also, these include water skiing, sailing, sea kayaking and windsurfing.

For those that are new to these types of sports, there are many schools and training courses in the area that specialise in teaching these activities to beginners.

Attractions & Amenities

La Manga is not just about the beaches, there is a vast range of shops, bars, supermarkets and discos to keep everybody busy and entertained.

Here you can also find an abundance of fantastic hotels and apartment complexes in order to enjoy your holiday. La Manga strip is open all year round for business due to it’s constant flow of visitors.

Many choose to visit La Manga in the winter to relax when there are less tourists around but the temperatures are still fairly mild.

Map of La Manga del Mar Menor

The image below is clickable and will take you to a full size interactive Google map of Map of La Manga del Mar Menor and surrounding areas.
Map of La Manga del Mar Menor

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