Top 5 Towns in Spain

Towns in Spain

Top 5 Villages And Towns In Spain

With just under 5,000 kilometres of coastline, and a total land mass of around 500,000 km2, it is no easy task to name the top 5 villages and towns in Spain.  Most visitors to the country head for one of the Spanish Costa’s, of which there are 10 to choose from. Sea, sun and sand are usually the agenda for holidaymakers to Spain as there is always something for all the family to enjoy, no matter what age. The Spanish mainland is extremely diverse and depending on the region, there are some fantastic mountain ranges such as the Cantabrian Mountains, lush valleys, mighty rivers, crystal clear lakes and dusty plains. Many of the regions and areas of Spain enjoy a warm climate, with temperatures soaring into the 40’s celcius in the height of summer. This can be a determining factor for visitors choosing a holiday destination during August and September, with some opting for the cooler mountain regions. No matter what your preference, Spain is a beautiful country with an abundance of spectacular villages and towns, both inland and on the coast. The choice listed below are in random order and may be totally different to others choices of top 5 villages and towns in Spain.

Cambados, Galicia

is a delightful coastal village in the region of Galicia which enjoys a bountiful fishing industry. Where for a lot of us, seafood can be an extravagance, in Cambados it is a way of life and enjoyed daily. During low tide, the waters around the San Tome Tower drain out to sea, leaving a large area of sand, rich in cockles, clams and mussels. A pleasant way to spend some time is watching the many shellfish collectors, burrowing away with their spades and buckets. Each year the village holds a seafood & wine festival known as Festa do Albariño. Not surprisingly, Cambados have perfected just the right wine to accompany their seafood, Albariño, a delicious white wine with a heavy aroma.

Cudillero, Asturias

Cudillero is a picture perfect fishing village in the Asturia mountain region. Surrounding the harbour area, brightly painted, Spanish style townhouses nestle into the slopes of the surrounding mountains. The village’s beautiful promenade and quaint cobbled streets invite visitors to slow their pace and soak in the atmosphere. Cudillero is another village famous for its seafood and they have a locally brewed, crisp and refreshing cider as the perfect accompaniment.

Ronda, Malaga

Ronda is viewed by many as one of the country’s most beautiful towns. Located inland in the province of Malaga, Ronda straddles the huge El Tajo gorge with the river Guadalevin running through the middle. There are 3 impressive bridges spanning the gorge with the tallest towering over 100 metres above the gorge floor. The town is steeped in history and is home to the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain. There are also Arabian baths dating back to the 13th century, and ancient wineries.

Buñol, Valencia

is famous for holding the largest tomato fight in the world !! Located in the Valencia region, Buñol’s population of around 9,000 inhabitants grows to a staggering 50,000 plus people in August each year when the town hosts the famous Tomatina festival, regarded by many as the craziest of all Spanish festivals. Thought to have started when some angry townsfolk attacked the local councilmen with tomatoes, it is now literally a huge tomato fight with visitors from all over the world. Visitors wishing to attend the festival are advised to book accommodation well in advance of the festival date.

Montefrio, Granada, Andalucia

Montefrio in the province of Granada is a stunning example of one of Andalucia’s ”White Villages”. It enjoys a lofty setting high above the surrounding hills and olive groves and is overlooked by the ruins of a Moorish castle, which in the 15th century acted as one of their main frontier fortresses. Prehistoric tombs can be found at the archaeological sight located close to the village. Within the village there are a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants, perfect for sampling some of the local fare after a day’s sightseeing. Costas Online try to provide visitors with as much local info, services and great things to do, and we hope this post on top 5 villages and towns in Spain has been of interest to some.