Weather in Spain, Coastal Areas & Islands

This page contains articles related to the weather in Spain, especially the coastal areas and islands we feature on this website. Spain is a vast country and the weather varies greatly from one area to another, this is also true of the main islands.

The Weather In Spain & Average Temperature

The weather in northern Spain for example is much colder during the winter months as opposed to southern Spain. Much of northern and northeastern Spain lie close to the Pyrenees Mountains where the temperature can drop below freezing. In southern and eastern Spain the temperature remains fairly mild during the colder months and hot during summer. There is also a vast difference between the two major groupings of islands. The Canary Islands tend to be warm throughout the year with the temperature not dropping much below 17 Celsius. The Balearic Islands during winter sees the average temperature drop to around 7 Celsius.

Weather in Spain

Weather in Spain

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