Santa Faz Pilgrimage

Santa Faz Pilgrimage

Santa Faz Pilgrimage 2015

This popular festival named the Santa Faz Pilgrimage dates back to 1489 when a pilgrimage was held to ask for rain during a time of bad drought. The pilgrimage continued each year and is celebrated in many Spanish towns. The festival is one of Alicante’s most famous and is held on the 2nd Thursday after Easter with crowds of over 200,000 people taking part in the processions.

Tambén called “La Peregrina” is traditionally done on foot from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas to the Monastery of the Holy Face carrying bamboo walking poles. The route is walked in about two and a half hours and along the way food and beverages are offered free to the pilgrims, especially rolls of anise and frondillón or mistela wine. It is also traditional to finish the route with a picnic, usually including Spanish omelette or rabbit with tomato and wine. There are many different stalls selling all kinds of articles of interest.

Lately it has become popular to hold, within four months of the pilgrimage, a party on the beach of San Juan. This is usually enjoyed by young people with music and other activities taking place until the small hours of the morning.

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