Semana Santa Festival

Semana Santa Festival

Semana Santa Festivals In Spain

By far the largest and most important festivals in Spain are celebrated during Holy Week ( Easter ). Semana Santa festivals in Spain take place in practically every village, town and city in the country, with many of the parades specific to that particular town or region. The amount of work and effort put into the processions and parades are absolutely staggering yet undertaken with a devout passion in preparation for the most important among all Spanish Festivals. The processions during Semana Santa are mainly carried out by fraternities and brotherhoods who’s origins date back to the Middle Ages. A common feature of the brotherhoods are their robes and conical hoods which are used to conceal the wearers face. Depending on which procession, different coloured robes are worn.

The Semana Santa festivals have some common features although slightly different depending on the brotherhood, fraternity or region. During the processions, which include marching bands, each brotherhood carries beautiful and intricate floats, many of which have been created by Spanish artists and handed down through generations of brotherhoods, bearing sculptures depicting different scenes of Christ and the Virgin Mary from the bible.

Semana Santa, Easter Holy Week in Spain

Although every region in Spain celebrates Holy Week, the most famous and elaborate celebrations take place in Seville and Malaga. Some of the floats taking part in the processions are huge, many weighing over a ton. Hidden inside the floats are up to 50 Costaleros ( float bearers ) who carry the floats on their shoulders, giving the impression of the floats moving on their own. Although a religious event, Semana Santa festivals in Spain have an air of celebration to them, especially in Malaga where the streets are full of happiness and cheer with onlookers applauding their favourite processions. When visiting one of the Semana Santa festivals, it is always wise to book your accommodation well in advance as even the small village festivals get very busy during Holy Week.

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