Alicante City, Top Attractions & Things to do

This article covers some of the top attractions and best things to do in Alicante. Located on the south eastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Alicante is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain.
Things to do in Alicante

Things to do in Alicante

Tourism is a huge industry across the whole of the country and Alicante is no exception, this amazing City is packed full of fantastic attractions, super things to do and glorious weather almost all year round. As soon as exiting the airport and heading towards the City centre you are met with the picturesque Marina being overlooked by the impressive Mount Benacantil. Alicante is truly one of the most interesting cities in Spain, brimming with history, culture and historical architecture.

Archaeological Museum Of Alicante

Archaeological Museum of Alicante
Established in 1932 the Archaeological Museum of Alicante is a very interesting and educational place to visit in Alicante, according to trip advisor, the museum was originally an old hospital that was renovated into a modern museum. There are several themes to the museum that depict ancient Alicante right the way through history leading up to modern day Alicante. The museum received the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) in 2004 earning international recognition for intelligence and originality as well as being regarded as one of the best museums in Spain.

Canelobre Caves, Busot

Another of the leading things to do in Alicante is paying a visit to the beautiful Canelobre Caves which can be found in the small town of Busot around 24 km inland from Alicante City. Also known as “Las Cuevas de Canolebre”, this ancient cave system is said to be the deepest and longest in the whole of Spain. The entrance to the cave can found some 700 metres high up on the Cabezón de Oro (Big Golden Head) mountain. Famous for it’s 70 metre Cathedral shaped vault, Canelobre Caves were formed several millions years ago and are a forever-changing wonder of the natural world. Upon entry, the caves open up into a spectacular underground cavern where minerals have been deposited to resemble “Candelabras”, this is how the caves name was derived.

Carmen del Campillo Tea House

Carmen del Campillo Tea House is an Arabian style paradise located just outside the city. Here you can enjoy amazing tea and Arab pastries while taking in the beautiful scenery. This is not an easy place to find so you need to head out of Alicante and head towards Crevillente. The Carmen del Campillo Tea House is located just off the N340 between Crevillente and Albatera. Upon locating this hidden treasure, you are met with a large Palace style Moorish house and a wrought iron gate that leads to the beautifully kept gardens. This is no ordinary tea house, in fact the owners consider this to be a place of spirituality and relaxation.

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Attractions & Things to do

Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle
Santa Barbara Castle is a fortification that sits on top of Mount Benacantil in the centre of Alicante. According to Wikipedia, the castle’s origins date back to the 9th Century when the Iberian Peninsula was under muslim rule. The castle itself appears to have got it’s name in 1248 on St Barbara’s day, and was named after St Barbara when the castle was re-captured by Castillian forces led by Alphonse de Castille. Also known as the “Castle in the Sky” Santa Barbara Castle would have been a formidable fortification to opposing forces and still boasts dungeons, cannons, a moat and an imposing lookout tower. The Castle is free to visit if you choose to walk but there is also the option of taking the lift for a small fee. We hope this provides some useful information about some of the popular places in Alicante.