Costa Cálida Top Resorts, Major Cities & Places To Stay

The Costa Cálida or “Warm Coast” stretches for over 250 km´s of the Spanish coastline. This location lies on the southeastern coast below the Costa Blanca and above Costa Almeria.

Costa Cálida

The Costa Cálida

The coastal areas here reside within the popular Spanish Region of Murcia. The Costa Cálida´s name (warm coast) is a derivative of the hot micro-climate and weather it enjoys. Murcia generally is one of the hotter parts of Spain with very little annual rainfall. The land is quite arid in comparison to other provinces.

The Costa Cálida extends from El Mojón in the north which borders with the province of Alicante. It then continues all the way south to town of Águilas.

If beautiful sandy beaches is your thing then this is the place for you. Most of the 250 km coastline is covered with over 150 beaches. Here you will find some of the best cities on the eastern coastline of Spain. Cities such as Murcia City to the west and Cartagena to the

Top Resorts On The Costa Cálida

The Costa Cálida is popular for tourism across it’s many resorts but also attracts plenty of golfers. There are many great resorts that offer a good balance of beaches and golf. La Manga del Mar Menor, Mazarrón and Los Alcázares and several great examples. Below is some info about the top locations here.

La Manga
La Manga is a famous 22 km strip`of land which stretches across the Mar Menor lagoon. The strip connects to the mainland both from the north and south. This is also the location for the La Manga Club resort which attracts the rich and famous. The resort boasts a super golf course, other sports facilities and a luxury spa.

Los Alcazares
Los Alcazares is a coastal area which lies west of La Manga strip. This area is very Spanish and contains some of the top beaches on the Costa Calida. Los Alcazares regularly hosts a super air show which attracts people from all over the world. Here you will also find some many excellent golf courses.

Capital And Major Cities

Murcia is not only the capital city of the Costa Cálida but also one of the 17 regions of Spain. The city itself has a population of 450 thousand inhabitants. This is a third of the entire region which currently stands at 1.5 million.

The ancient city of Cartagena dates back to around 220 BC when the Roman empire named it “Carthago Nova”. This translates to “New Carthage” in the English language. Cartagena is also the home of one of Spain’s most important naval ports. This strategic location is the most vital in the western Mediterranean Sea.

Map Location

The map of the Costa Cálida displays the geographic area which extends for 250 kilometres. This runs from El Mojón in the north to Águilas in the south. The strip of land to the east is La Manga, the stretch of water it crosses is the saltwater lagoon the Mar Menor. Some of the other popular areas displayed on the map are Mazarrón and Los Alcázares.

The Región de Murcia International Airport service these areas since replacing San Javier.