Benalmádena, Super Attractions & Points of Interest

The beautiful beach resort of Benalmádena lies on the southern coastline of Spain. This super tourist hot spot is well known for it’s sandy beaches and Puerto Marina (Marina Port). The Marina houses the Sea Life Aquarium and vast array of moored yachts.

Benalmádena, Costa del Sol, Spain

The Beautiful Benalmádena, Costa del Sol

Benalmádena lies on the coast of the popular Costa del Sol in the region of Andalucia. The town of Torremolinos sits to the north of here with Fuengirola to the south. Benalmádena covers an area of around 27.5 km’s and has a population of some 65,000 people.

Like most of southern Spain, Benalmádena spent over half a millennium under Moorish rule. During this time, there was significant redevelopment of this town. Many constructions such as the Moorish Castle can still be seen and visited today.

The amazing weather here in Benalmádena is fantastic all year round. The climate here yields an average yearly temperature of 19 Celsius.

Best Attractions

This coastal area has 10 km’s of sandy beaches to enjoy during your visit. These are among the best on the Costa del Sol and indeed the south of Spain. The Marina lies on this strip of coastline also. Puerto Marina (picture above) boasts the popular Sea Life Aquarium and floating hotels. Here there are luxury yachts of the rich and famous and some excellent places to shop and enjoy fine dining.

Benalmádena Pueblo lies inland away from the busier coastal areas and is well worth a visit. Arroyo de la Miel connects the old village to the coastal areas and beaches. There is also a train station at Arroyo that allows travel to Malaga. You can also reach many of the other resorts along the coastline by train.

Tivoli World Theme Park

el parque temático Tivoli World

Located in Arroyo de la Miel, Tivoli World Theme Park is one of the top attractions for the whole family. Here you will find over 300 rides, attractions, shops and enjoyable things to do. The outdoor theatre has a capacity for 3000 people alone. Often hosted here are an assortment of musical events and shows such as Flamenco.

For refreshments, there are over 30 bars and restaurants dotted around Tivoli. The different themed areas host a variety of shows and entertainment. Tickets are available for as little as 7,95 €. Check here for timetables and ticket prices on the Tivoli website.

Stupa Benalmádena

Stupa Benalmádena is a Buddhist monument dedicates itself to peace, and prosperity in the world. This is an ideal place to learn, reflect, and meditate. The monument was inaugurated on October 5th, 2003. It’s now become one of the most interesting and spiritual places in the town.

Map of Benalmádena

Mapa de Benalmádena

Jardín de las Águilas

Jardin de las Aguilas

Garden of Eagles or Jardín de las Águilas is a picturesque bird of prey centre. This garden is set 250 metres above the Mediterranean Sea level. Here you can watch spectacular displays of flight throughout the afternoon.

In all, there are around 160 birds of prey to enjoy. These include, eagles, vultures, condors, hawks, falcons and Owls. It’s important to bear in mind that this place is set at altitude. It’s only accessible by cable car which may be a nervy experience for some.

Jardín de las Águilas is open all year round from 1 – 5pm but stays open later in the summer months. The ticket prices at time of writing are 6 € for adults and 5 € for children. This includes the cable car fare.

Butterfly Park


Benalmádena Butterfly Park dedicates itself to the preservation of butterflies in Spain. This butterfly park is the biggest of it’s kind in Europe. Here you will find over 1500 butterflies from more than 150 different species. These butterflies come from a variety of tropical environments from around the world.

Although the butterflies are from different parts of the world there is no conflict between them. They live in perfect harmony for their 2-3 week life span. Follow this link to the English version of the Mariposario de Benalmadena website.

Benalmádena Pueblo

Benalmádena Pueblo

Benalmádena Pueblo is the original village located a few km’s from the coastal area. The village lies at the foot of Mount Calamorro. A very traditional Spanish looking village which has an elevation of 200 metres. This vantage point offers some of the most stunning views of the coastal areas below.

Here you can find the picturesque Plaza de España. An idyllic location containing bars and some great restaurants to enjoy fine dining.